Edible sparklers

This is the first year that Harrison (age 2 and half) has paid any attention to and appreciated fireworks. The weekend before bonfire night out neighbours let off a few fireworks in their back garden and Harrison sat with daddy and watched from the upstairs window. He kept staying ‘ahhh pretty’. The next day, inspired by a picture one of my Instagram friends posted, we made ‘edible sparklers’ (although Graham said they look more like matches but oh well!!) . These were dead easy – some breadsticks, chocolate spread and edible glitter/coloured sugar. You could use anything such as hundreds & thousands to decorate but I wanted sparkle and bling!! We tried just dipping the breadsticks into the jar of spread but it was a bit thick, so I put some in a bowl & blasted in microwave for 20 seconds – just to soften it slightly, then we dipped it into the decorations (we had purple and red sparkly sugar from Tesco). We obviously had to sample them straight away, but a few made it into a photograph and the fridge to set! In the few seconds it took me to leave the table and stick them in the fridge, Harrison dug in the jar of choc spread with a spoon and ate half a jar. Can safely say he enjoyed it!!! Carrying on with the firework theme I also gave the kids black card and let them loose with sequins, glitter and glitter glue. Messy but simple and effective!




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