Elf on the Shelf

Mooching around Pinterest I see lots of posts about ‘elf on the shelf’. To be honest I never really looked at them as it looked very American. However on my Facebook group activities 4 Kidz one of my good friends Donna, a mum of two, shared some of her ideas for Elf on the Shelf. The idea is that at the beginning of December an elf
appears in your home. This elf is a spy for Santa. It’s based on a book by Carol Aebersold and Chanda Bell. The position of the elf moves daily, meaning the children need to look for it, but they’re not allowed to touch it as it erases the Christmas magic!
Donna is trying it this year with her two kids. If I can find an elf in time I think I’m going to have a go as well. Donna kindly posted a list of places where she is going to hide her elf.

Day 1: arrives with advent calendar & Christmas cards
Day 2: letters to Santa
DAy 3: underwear on Xmas tree
Day 4: eats chocolates
Day 5: make Xmas snow globes
Day 6: playing with toys
Day 7: hide and seek
Day 8: reading books
Day 9: plant tic-tacs
Day 10: tic tacs grow into candy canes
Day 11: make own Xmas crackers
Day 12: hide and seek
Day 13: tries to wear kids school uniform
Day 14: brings sweets
Day 15: gone to visit Santa for two days (North Pole emergency)
Day 16: still at North Pole
Day 17: toilet roll on Xmas tree
Day 18: Xmas cupcakes
Day 19: Xmas colouring set
Day 20: hide and seek
Day 21: make mince pies
Day 22: draw a picture of elves
Day 23: snowman soup and reindeer food
Day 24: North Pole breakfast and final report

I’m going to ask Donna to take photos and let me publish them on here. Keep your eyes peeled for the elf on the shelf!!!

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