It’s only 6 weeks until Christmas! Can you believe it? I’m more excited than ever about Christmas this year because Harrison is finally starting to understand what’s going on. I’m itching to put the tree up and turn the house into a grotto! Our tradition is to put up our tree on the first Sunday in December whilst drinking copious amounts of sherry and listening to cheesy Crimbo tunes…I can’t wait!!
Anyway, to get ourselves in the spirit we’ve started our Christmas and winter crafts. Yesterday we made snowman pictures. On a sheet of blue card we ‘blobbed’ white paint with our fingers. Harrison then rushed into the kitchen and came back with a sponge and independently smudged the paint to create a snowy effect. We then used pritt stick to glue on some cotton wool and stuck on googly eyes and some tissue paper for a nose. We then talked about what else the snowman needed and Harrison decided he needed a scarf, which we made by twisting a pipe cleaner. We then finished off by using some foam snowflake stickers.
A very simple and effective activity 🙂

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