3D Christmas Tree

I wasn’t feeling particularly motivated to do much today after decorating late last night so wanted something easy to so with the kids. It started off with me just cutting out a couple of Christmas tree shapes for them to decorate, but ended up as fab 3D trees! Here’s what to do:

Firstly,cut out two basic tree shapes. I use the guide from the Usborne book that I reviewed and used to make the advent calendar yesterday – fold a piece of green A4 paper or card in half, with the longest edges meeting and draw a diagonal line from the top of the fold to the outer corner to make a triangle shape.


Then cut along the line. To make the branches snip little triangles out of the open side


When you open it out it should be a Christmas tree shape. You need two of these. Then, you need to glue the left hand side of the fold on both trees and stick them back to back


You now have a 3D tree!

Because I wanted something relatively low mess and low adult input I just gave Harrison some metallic star stickers to decorate it with, and my large circle punch to punch circles out of Christmassy paper. My punch was a throwback from when I used to make cards. It’s fantastic but a normal hole punch would be ok, just smaller circles. You could decorate with glitter, sequins, ribbons…anything!!

Here’s our finished tree


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