Shiver Snow: a sensory activity

Alex is still poorly today – teething, cold and conjunctivitis means a grumpy (but sleepy!) toddler. Whilst he was asleep Harrison and me had fun with shiver snow!

When my shopping came last week I emptied the 2kg pack of rice into a ziplock bag (like the old school reading folder bags!) and whacked it in the freezer.
This morning we got it out and put it on our tub, and added lots of sparkly silver glitter. We took it in the lounge and lay down our fab mini tarpaulin (£1 from Tesco, perfect for art and sensory play!). We again added twigs and pine cones for trees, with some green playdough as the trees leaves. We set up a small world
with mega-blok characters and cars.


Because the rice had been in the freezer it was nice and cold which added a new sensory dimension to the activity, and the glitter made it really pretty. Next time I go shopping I will buy peppermint essence to make it smell lovely and wintry, and I might dye some rice blue and purple to mix in with the white rice. Harrison had loads of fun with the cold snow.
He then took the toys out and decided to put his bare feet in, which made him giggle because it was cold and tickly on his feet! He loved it when I buried his feet and poured the icy cold rice on his feet. We spent a good twenty minutes using our feet in it!



It was a fantastic sensory experience for Harrison!


3 thoughts on “Shiver Snow: a sensory activity

  1. Poor Alex hope he gets over the conjunctivitis, its horrible for them feeling under the weather (the Frog has had it countless times). Great idea putting the rice in the freezer (also need to investigate the tarpaulin sounds a bargain!) Thanks for joining in the Monday Parenting Pin it party.

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