Reindeer Food

At playgroup the other day we made little bags of reindeer food which is something we are going to turn into a Christmas tradition for the kids!

The idea is you sprinkle the food out in the garden on Christmas Eve and it sparkles in the moonlight so Santa and his reindeer know exactly where to land!

For each bag of reindeer food you will need about 4 big spoons of porridge oats, and 1 or 2 (depending on how sparkly you want it) of glitter or coloured sugar.

Mix the oats and the glitter/sugar together. Hold a small clear bag – we twisted ours into a cone shape – and secure. Tie some Christmassy ribbon around and attach a tag with the following poem on:

Sprinkle this reindeer food outside tonight
The moonlight will make it sparkle bright
As the reindeer fly and roam
This will guide them to your home

Alternatively, print a tag off here

We will be sprinkling ours outside on Christmas Eve and leaving it with the special key for Santa to get in, before getting into our new pjs and watching The Snowman!

Don’t forget to leave a mince pie and milk out for Santa!


4 thoughts on “Reindeer Food

  1. me and the kids have made some of this last week ready for the big day… also snowman soup what was a big hit last night in my house, basically its hot chocolate with mini marsh mellows and a candy cane to stir packaged up the same as reindeer food, hot chocolate at the bottom, marsh mellows on top and candy cane just stuck in the middle with the following poem on the tag..

    I was told that you have been good this year,
    I’m always glad to hear it.
    With freezing weather drawing near,
    You will need to warm your spirit.
    So here’s a cup of snowman soup,
    Complete with a stirring stick.
    Add warm water, sip it slow,
    It’s sure to do the trick

    • What a gorgeous Idea!! I’m going to nick that idea for next year for little gifts if that’s ok? Have you got any pictures that you could upload to fb or email me and I’ll stick it on blog? X

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