The Very Hungry Caterpillar: Bug in a jar and paper link caterpillars


We had so much fun yesterday making caterpillars in a jar and paper link caterpillars!

Both were really simple activities. The paper link caterpillar is fairly easy for little fingers and gives opportunities for discussion on shape. All you need are some strips of green paper and one strip of red. The size of the strips and the amount of green strips depends on how big you want your caterpillars to be!


Take a strip of green paper and create a circle shape as if you were making a paper chain and use a glue stick to secure it.

Repeat this for each strip of green paper and glue the links together side by side. When you have finished the green body, make a red link for the caterpillars head. Finish off by drawing on eyes and mouth with black pen.
The kids have loved wriggling their caterpillars around!


Our second activity was mostly done by me as it is quite fiddly and we used a glue gun, which although is low heat still gets quite hot. It has been played with lots and we are going to put into the story sack, so we can feed him and act the story out with him.
For this you need some green pompoms (we just used two biggish ones) and a red one. We also used two tiny yellow ones for eyes and small bits of purple pipe cleaner for antennae.


We glued the green ones together for the body and the red one for the head using the glue gun, and then stuck two small yellow ones on as eyes.

We curled the purple pipe cleaners around a pencil and then glued them to the red pompom. We popped him into a clean jar (obviously plastic would be better!) and added in a couple of green paper leaves.

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