Toucan Box Craft Kit: a review

I was really excited the other day when our postlady dropped these through the door – our review samples from Toucan Box.

Toucan Box is a small company, and was the brainwave of a busy mum of two. Her daughter wanted to make all the fantastic things she saw kids TV presenters knock up from a couple of bits lying about. Except, like most mums, she didn’t have all the resources. So, she developed Toucan Boxes, which contain every resource that you need to complete a craft project.

I received two boxes for this review. The one is a brand new pirate themed box, which I have popped away until we do our pirate theme in a couple of weeks, but a sneaky peek has left me excited about it!! We dived into the other one straight away, and all I can say is WOW!!!

The box contained everything we needed to decorate a canvas bag. Inside was a small canvas shopping bag, a pack of four mini felt tips, stencils, paper and tissue paper and a paintbrush as well as nature scavenger hunt cards.


The instructions were really clear – we basically had to design a pattern with the tissue paper on the paper, dab water on the tissue paper with the paintbrush and press it onto the bag. It did say it needed 24 hours to dry but within a couple of hours hung above the radiator it was dry. We then used the stencils and pens to finish the bag. 


I’ve put the scavenger cards away for now (there’s one for each season) to do at a later date when weather perks up, but what a fab idea! Harrison’s been using it when playing with his market stall as his little shopping bag. The instructions also contain links to the EYFS framework and key stage one and two, so you know where it fits in with your child’s education. It also comes with a few extra ideas to extend the activity.

I can say that I am certainly very impressed with the quality of the resources and the fact it contains everything we needed, other than scissors!!

The prices for Toucan Boxes vary depending on what level of subscription you go for, but single packs are available which give a months worth of craft ideas for just under £20, which would make a lovely gift idea.
The lovely people at Toucan have given me a code to share with you to claim a free taster box! Just visit their website here and enter the code TOUCAN.

* I was sent this and another pack free of charge for the purpose of this review. All opinions and thoughts expressed are my own.

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