Under the Sea sensory play and bottle cap fish pictures

Another day of under the idea themed activities!

Firstly, a sensory play activity.
I cracked open the blue water beads that I’d bought before Christmas and had left them soaking overnight. I put these in the tub we use for sensory play, and added in some blue glass beads, sea shells and some seaside ornaments. Obviously, these are all choking hazards so please make sure the activity is supervised! I also popped in their sea creature toys – penguins, whales, seals and sea turtle. It looked great!


As soon as I put it down the kids were straight in there, making the animals ‘swim’ through the beads, and scooping up the beads with the shells and tipping them back in.


I’d laminated some colourful pictures for using with play dough but we ended up getting them out for the tub. I printed these out from here.

After a bit they took all the bits out, just leaving the water bead in! They took their socks off and in went their feet! They love putting their feet in water beads as it feels cold and squishy!


Our second activity was bottle cap pictures. I’ve been collecting then lids from cartons of milk for a while. The idea came from here.. Last night I used the glue gun to stick the lids down on some blue A4 card. These made the bodies of the fish.
I then gave Harrison a pot of pre cut triangles to form the fishes tails. We then glued on googly eyes. We did stick them with the glue stick but they kept falling off so I used the glue gun (my favourite thing ever!).
We used glitter glue to decorate the lids and the tails.
Then came our favourite bit. We dipped the end of a plastic straw in some white paint and over another tray BLEW through the straw. You need to do this as otherwise it leaves a big splodge rather than a white circle. Also, make sure you supervise little ones to make sure they’re not sucking the paint up. Dab the straw onto the paper to make bubbles.
At this point Harrison wandered off so I finished it by cutting some seaweed out of green paper and Alex helped to stick them down.


What do you think?

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