Chocolate peanut butter crispy cakes

Catchy name eh?
We wanted to make some cakes today but it’s the day before shopping day and we have no eggs so that blew that out…until I remembered good old crispy cakes!

We always have rice crispies in the cupboard. We don’t really eat them as the kids prefer porridge or weetabix but they’re handy for making cakes. We’ve also always got cooking chocolate in the baking cupboard. I wanted to make them a bit different though. I had a mooch through the cupboard and found half a tub of crunchy peanut butter – aha!!

Now, this recipe may not be suitable for some kids. I know some people don’t like giving their kids peanut butter, or only smooth peanut butter (which would work just as well). We let ours have the crunchy stuff – we don’t have any allergies and they’re always really supervised whilst eating it as I know it can be seen as a choking hazard.

As this was a bit of an experiment I don’t really have any measurements for you. I know we used 600g of cooking chocolate (dark) and about a third of a biggish jar of peanut butter.
We heated the chocolate over a low heat, stirring constantly. When it was nice and smooth we poured it over some rice crispies in a bowl and gave it a good mix. We had to keep adding the cereal until all the cereal was coated but not swimming in the chocolate. We then mixed in the peanut butter and spooned into muffin cases. After a couple of hours in the fridge they were done! They were lovely.

Have a go!