Coventry Transport Museum

Harrison and Alex are obsessed with vehicles. They love trains, diggers, bikes, cars, buses, tractors, trucks…anything with wheels! Could there be a more perfect day out than the Coventry Transport Museum? It’s a museum dedicated to British transport, as Coventry is renowned for being the transport capital of the Uk as it’s the birthplace of British cycling and motor industry.
It’s only about 30minutes in the car but the Coventry ring road is a nightmare to navigate and like all city centres, you need to take out a mortgage to afford the car parking. So, to make it a really special day out for two train mad boys, we gritted our teeth and used public transport!
We caught the train from Marston a green station and was pleasantly surprised – for the four of us it only cost £10 for a ticket which gave us unlimited trips on buses and trains in the West Midlands – much cheaper than taking the car!
The kids loved the train. I hate public transport having had to endure years of rush hour hell whilst at university, but I forget how much of a treat it is when you’re little.


As we arrived at the museum I was amazed at the architecture. It’s a modern building that certainly stands out with a lovely big space out the front.
As always, we started our visit with a stop off at the coffee shop.
A lovely space with big windows to look out onto the town centre and a large variety of yummy drinks and cakes. We had honeycomb hot chocolates and orange hot chocolates which weren’t too badly priced.


We then had a look at the first exhibition which was military vehicles. At this point I should tell you I have very little interest in vehicles and this visit was purely for the kids! Harrison loved the military tractor.


Although the museum is free you do need to sign in and give them your postcode.
We then looked around all the various exhibits. Anyone with an interest in transport would be in seventh heaven! Understandably you can’t touch or climb on any if the vehicles especially as some are very old but there are plenty of places and opportunities for kids to get interactive.


We loved the display of supercars!


It took us about an hour to look round but with older kids I’d definitely say you would need a couple of hours for a visit.

At the end there is the obligatory gift shop which had loads of lovely items
In as well as the usual offerings of pencils, rubbers and key rings.

It’s a fab and free day out for the kids!

Visit the museums website here