Snow Scene

This was loosely based on something I saw on Mister Maker on CBeebies (I love that programme!)

In a bowl we mixed some PVA glue with a drop of water, and in another bowl mixed some flour and glitter, and then poured the the glittery flour into an old glitter shaker (as our sieve has disappeared!).

On some blue paper I drew a wavy line to make a hill and a basic snowman outline. Harrison then had lots of fun painting the hill and snowman with the pva mixture, with lots of dots in the sky for snowflakes. Next came the really fun bit – using the glitter shaker to cover all the glue with the flour & glitter.



Once it was covered we shook the excess off and left it dry. To seal it (the flour goes everywhere otherwise!) I sprayed a fine layer of hairspray.


We then finished it off with little pom-poms for eyes and a nose, and cut up a pipecleaner for arms.

What do you think?