Gift boxes

I’m not a natural photographer so apologies for the poor photographs!
My mum, knowing how I collect random
junk for the kids have me a set of plain
black cardboard gift boxes. Nothing special. There were six of them in different sizes and all sat nicely in each other. For over a week they’ve sat in our lounge where the kids have had great fun stacking them up in towers (motor skills) ordering them from biggest to smallest (numeracy skills) & trying to find out which lid went on which box (problem
solving skills). They were starting to look a bit battered by this afternoon though so out came the good old pva glue (of which we get through tonnes!). I kept some travel and gardening magazines and we decided on a blue sea theme. We ripped up the magazines and found lots of blue – sky, sea etc. We covered the box in pva glue mixed with a drop of water and then collaged it with the scraps of
Blue paper. Once the whole box and lid were completely covered, we gave it another coat of pva glue to seal it and give it a gloss and left it to dry. It looks fab and we’re using it to store all our seashells and blue glass stones as it has a seaside feel to it. Much prettier to look at than an old ice cream tub!! We’ve started on another one, using a green theme now, but any box could be used with
any theme – great ideas for presents for Christmas or to store craft items in!