Invitation to create: felt teddy bears

I love Fridays. Almost every week without fail since August last year we have been going to a fantastic playgroup in Solihull. The lovely Emer runs it. It’s called Jolly Mixture and is that popular she runs two groups in a Friday morning and one on a Tuesday. We go to the later session as by the time it finishes at 12, it’s nearly lunchtime and then nap time (for kids, not me!!) . Whilst they had their nap today I set up a little activity for when they woke up. I’m not normally very organised – I set up activities around them which can be chaotic. I did want to do gingerbread men but my gingerbread man cutter has gone walkabout (nothing new there, I’ll find it in the garden or something next year!), so I used a teddy bear cookie cutter as a template on some brown (if anyone knows where to buy brown paper/card let me know!) in plastic pots I put a few sequins, various size pom poms, some Christmas foam stickers & googly eyes, and left a glue stick next to the pots. When Harrison woke up, he wandered into the dining room and I heard an excited “wow! Look mummy!” I sat down to watch him and he got stuck into decorating the bear independently. It was lovely to watch him muttering to himself about where to stick things. When my mum popped round for her cuppa, the first thing he did was show her his bear!!