Halloween Sensory Tub

Probably my favourite activity so far was our Halloween sensory tub. Halloween has passed but this can easily be adapted for the time of year.
Harrison is a little bit like me, fussy with textures. I struggle with the feeling of sponge, cotton wool, anything like that, although I’m getting better. Unfortunately I seem to have passed this trait onto Harrison – not good for a little boy who is supposed to like getting mucky! When he was younger I couldn’t get him to do handprints because he hated paint on his hands. He doesn’t mind it so much now but still gets anxious if he gets paint on him!
To try and overcome this and to stop Alex being the same, I’m trying to do lots of sensory activities. This one was based on lots of different activities I’ve seen on Pinterest.
I cooked a pan full of spaghetti, but added some green food colouring to the water. It needed quite a lot to give it a deep colour. Then it was left for hours to go cold. I then put it in a clear tub (from
ikea) and added in some rubber bats I’d bought from the 99p shop and some
Googly eyes from Tescos. I put a plastic table covering on the floor and then let the kids get on with it. Immediately Harry said ‘urgh’ but loved it!! We used the words sticky slimy and talked about the colour. The kids box containing their toy kitchen equipment was in the same room, and without prompting, they got them out and used them to pick up the spaghetti and put it into bowls etc, saying they were cooking!
Allowing the kids to explore the materials and equipment themselves fits in really well with both the Montessori and Reggio educational philosophies. I’m going to do a blog post soon about these, as is something that’s really caught my interest.
The spaghetti lasted in the tub until the next day. Even though I’d sealed the tub it started to go dry and was looking a bit furry from being played with. Think I used half a pack of tesco value spaghetti which is 31p so a fairly cheap activity. It’s perfectly safe for younger kids like Alex who might want to try eating it!