Chinese New Year: horse pictures

As 2014 is the year of the horse, today we did some horse pictures.

I am rubbish at drawing (even my stick men look a little odd!) and I don’t have a printer to print off a template but luckily we have a play dough cutter in the shape of a horse which we used as a template.

Instead of just getting the kids to paint the horse, we did some bubble wrap printing. I’d seen this on various websites and sounded much more fun and a great way of adding texture to a picture, especially as they both love playing with the rolling pins when we are baking or playing with dough.


I taped some bubble wrap onto rolling pins and rollers and gave them a paper plate with some brown and white paint on, and some pieces of red paper. We rolled the pins and rollers into the paint lightly – just enough to cover the wrap otherwise just saturates paper – and rolled them over the paper. Because our horses were going to be quite small, I thought it easier for them to roll on bigger paper and then cut the horses out afterwards. They had great fun doing this!



Once they had dried we drew round the cookie cutter and cut them out, and then backed them onto white paper to make them stand out, and then Harrison stuck them onto red card. We made a mane and tail for them out of black wool.


Whenever we get paint out, the kids inevitably end up painting their hands – we are all a bit obsessed with handprints – and today was no exception. Turns out that brown handprints make excellent horses, with the help of a blob of brown paint for a head and a googly eye. I was going to try and write their names in Chinese on their pictures (aided by Google translate!) but the writing was way too intricate and artistic for me to attempt!


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The Very Hungry Caterpillar: handprints

I love handprints! You can make just about anything out of a handprint or footprint, it makes a lovely memento and is an excellent tactile and sensory thing to do. When Harrison was little he really hated getting his hands dirty and touch anything messy but now loves painting his hands! When we were decorating our living room before Christmas we gave him a little paintbrush and some paint to ‘help’. He immediately painted his hands and proceeded to help decorate with handprints! Alex has always loved having his hands painted, obviously not as sensitive!

To carry on with our Very Hungry Caterpillar theme, we made caterpillar handprints. I saw this idea on Pinterest somewhere so can’t take credit for the idea!

All you need is blue, green and red paint, white paper and a black pen 

I painted the palms of their hands green and their fingers blue


and then repeatedly printed them in a row on the paper. We did three or four prints. When we had done this (and washed the paint off!), we painted a bright red head for the caterpillar and left the pictures to dry. Once they had dried we drew on antenna and eyes and mouth with black pen.

What do you think?



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Reindeer and Santa handprints

We have made some lovely decorations today that can double up as fab keepsakes!

The first one we did was a friendly little reindeer. We painted our hands with brown paint (super sensory fun and a great opportunity to talk about how it felt on our hands – slimy, sticky, cold etc). Then we printed out hands onto some white paper and left to dry.
Once dry, we cut them out and backed them onto black card, and then stuck
on googly eyes and a red pom pom for a nose. I did use our low heat glue gun for this to make sure they stayed on. We then glued some string to the back so that we could hang them on the tree, not forgetting our names and the date on the back, so we can look back at them in years to come.
Hasn’t he got a friendly little face?


Our second one was a Santa handprint. We mixed red and white paint together and painted our palms pale pink, then painted fingers white and carefully made a print on some white paper. Once they were dry we backed them onto some lovely textured cream paper and then onto red paper. Then we cut out a sort of lopsided triangle to make a hat and glued that on, added some cotton wool for the pom pom. Some tiny fluffs of cotton wool made his eyebrows and moustache, and our white fingerprints became his beard. Finally, we drew on eyes and nose with black pen.
Cute or what?


Do you have any ideas for handprint decorations?


Handprint wreath


Fairly quick and simple!

I painted the kids hands with green paint and got them to do as many handprints as possible on green thick paper/card. I was going to get them to do a wreath each but we ran out of green paper and it didn’t look as good on white paper. I cut the middle out of a paper plate and got the kids to sponge paint it green, then cut out the handprints, and used a glue stick to glue them onto the plate. I then attached red pom-poms for berries using a glue gun (kept falling off with glue stick!).

Quick, simple and looks fab!!!