Paper mache bowl

I used to love doing paper mache when I was little, especially at school when you cover a balloon and then pop it!
I originally intended for the kids to make a few of these for Christmas presents but they do take quite a while and we just didn’t get chance to do any more, and I have kept this one on my dresser to hold odd coins and bits.

We put a layer of cling film inside a small plastic bowl. This helps it to separate easier when you’ve finished. We then made up a mixture of PVA glue and water (probably 2/3 glue, 1/3 water) and ripped up paper into small pieces. We just used scrap paper that we had because newspaper can be a pain to paint over because the print shows through. I have also seen it made with shredded paper from a shredder, which looked good but I’m sure would be quite fiddly for toddler fingers!

We dipped each piece of paper into the glue mixture and then placed it on the cling filmed bowl, eventually covering it all. We did a couple of layers and then left it to dry which took about 24 hours,then repeated. I think we did about seven or eight layers as we wanted it to be quite strong, so took over a week!

Once we had finished, we painted it. We chose a nice bright red colour and gave it a couple of coats, leaving it to dry in between. When the paint had dried we trimmed the edge of the bowl and then covered it in one more layer of PVA glue and water. This helped to seal the paint,give it a little more strength and a glossy finish. We added some glitter to the glue as well to give it a subtle sparkle!

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