Bottle lid letters

If you spot the mistake on the letter sheet – well done! My excuse it was 10pm and I’d had a glass of wine before making it! Made a new one now!

It’s taken a while to collect resources needed for this but worth it as we have had so much fun and it is such a flexible resource that it can be used over and over again!

Just before Christmas we bought some number and letter paint sponges from Morrison’s for about £2. They’ve been brilliant. One night I sat and sponged numbers 1-10, all the letters of the alphabet and the kids name on paper and laminated it.  We have also been collecting the plastic lids of milk cartons (or similar sized lids). I’ve now had enough to write the alphabet on twice – one per letter. I’ve used a permanent marker to write on the lids. I will be doing another couple of sets of letters, and will also do numbers 0-9 and a set of uppercase letters when I’ve collected more lids.


We had a good hour of fun matching the lids to the letters on the laminated sheet, and Harrison was so pleased that he could do it. Alex just had plenty of fun putting them in a jar and tipping them back out again, but you know, its fine motor skills and all that 🙂 . It could also give opportunities for talking about colour as the lids are all different colours.

What I love about this is that it something that can be used again and again. It is great for toddlers of Harrison’s age (2.5y) for simple letter and name recognition, for preschoolers to learn CVC words,  and for key stage one and two aged children for spelling practise and games.

Get collecting bottle lids!!


Under the Sea: seahorse sun catchers and name matching


This first activity was a bit of a surprise to be honest – the least well planned, the one of that needed the least preparation and the one I thought would maybe be the least interesting. How wrong was I?
We’ve started learning about letters. Harrison can say the names of some letters but that’s about it. He can drawn a very rough ‘H’ as well.
On a piece of coloured paper I drew a fish shape (the very tenuous link to our theme! and with a felt tip wrote his name in big clear letters. I was then going to do all the alphabet but then decided that might be too much, so on little circles of paper I wrote the letters in his name. The idea was he chose the letters from the dish and put them in order.


Straight away, he was hooked! In terms of keeping his attention this has been the best activity yet, and he keeps going back to it. Straight away he recognised the H, and then with just slight prompting chose the rest of the letters. I was really pleased that he realised that there are two ‘r’ in his name by telling me they’re the same! When we got to ‘s’ he called it a snake and made ‘ssssssss’ noises, so I’ve used that as a start to thinking about phonics and letter sounds. After a few goes he was ordering the letters in his name independently!


I’m going to remake this. Like I said it was a bit rough but I’m going to laminate a big coloured fish and leave it blank so using a dry wipe pen we can write different words, and I’m going to make several sets of alphabets. We’ll keep to just recognising and ordering his name at first but I’ll throw in a few odd letters and build up that way. The beauty of this is it can be adapted for any theme!!

Our second activity was making sea horse sun catchers. On sheets of acetate I had drawn a seahorse outline with a Sharpie and cut it out. I gave Harrison his ‘choice tray’ (a little container with compartments in) with squares of pre cut tissue paper. He covered the seahorse in glue then stuck on the paper. Once it was finished, I trimmed the edges and painted over a coat of PVA and water mix to seal it. We’ve stuck our friendly sea horse to the window!


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