Our Art Cupboard

We have a cupboard over flowing with craft and art materials, and its now overflowing into a chest of drawers in the spare room. The cupboard in my dresser hides away all our junk materials. I thought it might be a nice idea to share a list of the things we have and collect to hopefully give you some ideas!!


This is our cupboard with all the stuff we use regularly. I try and organise it and keep it neat but with so much stuff it’s impossible!  Lots of the little bits are kept in jars so I can straight away what is in there. The baby wipe box is full of felt scraps and tissue paper, and the red box holds bags of bits that haven’t been opened yet.

Paper and Card
As you can imagine, we use rather a lot of paper! We have several packs of it in the house – bog standard white printer paper, brightly coloured paper, pastel coloured paper and sugar paper. We also have packs of tissue paper*, gummed paper, card of all colours and thicknesses, sparkly card, and some beautiful textured paper. I also have been known to nick wallpaper samples and squirrel them away! We also have a roll (somewhere!) of cheap white lining paper, which is great for ‘big art’.

We tend to mostly use normal poster paint (you know, like the stuff you use at school?). I can definitely recommend getting the paint from Tescos…think its about 99p a bottle but comes in lots of colours, and the colours are really bright and vivid. The bottles look quite small but last ages – we have just finished the bottles of red, green, blue and yellow we bought for Harrison’s first Christmas…and we use it all the time!
We have got watercolours and I’m sure as the kids get older we,I’ll use the more, especially as they tend to be less messy!

We usually have three types of glue in our cupboard. We have glue sticks, roller glue and PVA glue*. Glue sticks and roller glue are the best for sticking paper, PVA is stronger and also good for paper mache and using as a varnish. I also have a low heat glue gun which I don’t obviously let the kids use but is handy for sticking on both that tend to fall off with normal glue (those pesky googly eyes!)


Bits and Pieces

We have:
Pipe cleaners
Foam stickers and shapes
Sticky gems*
Felt shapes*
Felt sheets
Pom poms
Googly eyes
Bows and ribbon*
Brads (funky patterned and shaped split pins)
Paper plates
Cotton wool
Marbling ink
Paper straws

Craft kits

These are all commercially produced craft kits that are great to make for presents or if we are lacking in ideas:

Jewellery trees*
Trinket boxes*
Decoupage kits*
Tissue paper kits
Flower pot kit*



We collect:
Bottle tops
Kitchen roll tubes
Egg cartons
Bubble wrap
Interesting shaped boxes and tubs
Plastic straws

On top of this we have lots of tools – different types of scissors, punches, rulers, paper tearers, stencils….reading this I now realise just how much stuff we have!

What’s your number one craft or art material?


Items marked with a * are products and materials I was sent free of charge from Baker Ross for review purposes.