Nappykind Boutique review

As you may have read, we are in the process of potty training Harrison. This means when we are at home he is quite often running around in just a pair of pants on his bottom half. This saves my washing pile, but even with the heating cranked up I worry his legs might be cold. When I saw some cute leg warmers at Nappy kind Boutique, I couldn’t resist ordering some.

I apologise in advance for the blurry photos – taking decent photos of toddlers who refuse to keep still for more than a second at a time on an ancient iPhone is something I’m yet to accomplish!

There are tonnes of gorgeous designs for boys and girls, and plenty of unisex ones, so would be a great gift for a baby. The prices are really reasonable as well. Harrison’s funky blue stripy ones were sale ones and were just £1.99.


They’re beautifully soft and easy to get on and off,  which is handy for a two year old who is learning to dress himself. What they were brilliant for is keeping his legs warm whilst leaving perfect access to get to the potty quickly! Although the material is quite thick, it’s not bulky so good for layering under clothes, especially in this weather. Harrison has long legs but these went right up to this thigh and are stretchy so don’t dig in. My only criticism is when he was jumping around like the loony that he is they tended to roll down occasionally.


I obviously couldn’t not pick something for Alex, so I chose him an adorable leggings. I am completely in love with these – couldn’t wait to get them washed and dried ready to wear again, and I’m secretly (or not so secretly now!) coveting a pair for myself (a sideline perhaps for Nappykind?!)


I know that boy tights and leggings are becoming more and more popular because as well as looking unbelievably cute they are really practical. I chose Alex these ‘doughnut shop’ ones which again were on sale at £1.99. I ordered 12-24 months which fit him spot on but have more than enough growing room. I particularly love the bum which is extra roomy to accommodate bulky nappies.


They’re practical as they’re easy to get on and off for those never ending bum changes, but more importantly, they’re comfortable. As am adult, I find jeans restrictive and I’m much more comfy in leggings (part of the slummy mummy uniform!). For a toddler who sees the lounge as an adventure activity centre this must be even more so, and it isn’t very easy to find bottoms that aren’t jeans for boys. Again, they’re great for layering under clothes.

I asked a few friends what they think of these and they all said how lovely they are, but because they’re so patterned it can be hard to match clothes. I can definitely see this as I couldn’t see many plain designs, but on the other hand, toddlers can pull the mismatched look off!! Alex looked great wearing the doughnuts leggings with a Batman sweatshirt and a blue and red stripy vest!!



Nappykind’s range doesn’t just include leg warmers and leggings – they stock cute little booties, cloth nappies and tights, and sizes go up to age four.
I waited until I washed and dried them because I always think that how something is after washing is a sign of its quality. These didn’t disappoint – no shrinkage or bobbling yet! I imagine after a few wears the odd bobble may appear especially with crawling babies but that is just the nature of the material.

I will be definitely buying some more of the leggings for both kids!!

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I was able to purchase these with a special bloggers discount, but all opinions and thoughts expressed are my own.


Pirate Treasure Map by Toucan Box: a review


A couple of weeks ago we reviewed an excellent craft kit from ToucanBox. Today we used the other box that we were sent, and yet again I was very impressed!!

We have started our pirate theme week today but were also visiting my nan. The Toucan Box set was perfect to chuck in my bag to do there , as it is low mess and literally everything we needed was contained in the box!

We were sent a lovely pirate treasure map set. When I say it contained everything, I mean everything – even down to the glue stick, paint brush and teabag to stain the paper!


We made a pot of tea using the teabag provided (and had a cuppa with it – bonus!) and left into stew to go nice and dark as the very simple step by step instructions directed. We scrumpled up the paper and then used the paintbrush to ‘paint’ on the tea, and left it to dry. Whilst it was drying we made the parrot puppet- a cardboard cutout which we decorated with the mini felt pens included, and then glued on the feathers, googly eye and jumbo lolly stick. The only thing I would say is the glue stick didn’t hold the lollystick handle or eye on very well – I’ve used my glue gun to make it more secure. Perhaps some sort of sticky back or sticky pad would hold it better? Minor details though!

Once the paper had dried we decorated it with the pirate stickers and felt tip pens. What do you think?

The prices for Toucan Boxes vary depending on what level of subscription you go for, but single packs are available which give a months worth of craft ideas for just under £20, which would make a lovely gift idea.
The lovely people at Toucan have given me a code to share with you to claim a free taster box! Just visit their website <a href="http://www.toucanbox.com
“>here  and enter the code TOUCAN.


* I was sent this and another Toucan Box for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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