Growing Cress

Not that it’s the season to grow much, but I really wanted the boys to have a go at planting and growing something, and what better than cress? Even me, the most incompetent gardener on the planet can manage cress!

Cress is a brilliant thing to grow with toddlers as it’s fast growing and you can see a difference in it almost daily, but still teaches them to have some patience and that plants don’t just appear instantly. It’s also cheap (60p from Wilko’s) and you don’t need any fancy equipment to grow it.

We stuffed some cotton wool into plastic drinking cups. Obviously, you can use proper pots and compost but we were taking the easy route!

Harrison and Alex then had fun sprinkling the seeds onto the wool and pressing them down. We then drowned watered the seeds and wrote our names on the cups. We’ve left them on the windowsill, and hopefully on the next few days we will start to see them grow!