The kids spent most of the day watching Christmas films and playing with their toys so we had a lovely chilled out day.
For an arty activity, we made good old paper snowflakes. So easy and so effective!

You will need: white paper, a dish or something circular to draw around, scissors, glue stuck, sequins or glitter & coloured paper or tissue paper.

I adapted this from the Usborne book, available from Amazon.

First you need to draw around something circular. I used a small bowl, but it depends on what size you want your snowflake to be.


You the need to cut it out and fold the circle in half, and then in half again (excellent fractions teaching/learning opportunity!)

Cut off the corner tip of the cone shape and then snip little triangles and other shapes leaving paper in between them to hold it together.


Depending on your artistic capabilities and level of patience (neither my strong points!) you could do some really funky patterns. I’ve seen some brilliant Star Wars themed ones here!

Once you have made your cuts, open it and ta-da – you have your snowflake


This bit is the fun bit! Cover one side of the snowflake in glue and then go crazy with the glitter, sequins, jewels, whatever you want to decorate your snowflake.
Once it’s decorated, shake off excess glitter. I then cut out a circle of coloured paper the same size as the snowflake and stuck it on so you could see the coloured paper through the holes in the snowflake. If you were going to put these on the window it round be nice using tissue paper instead as the light would shine through it. We stuck ours up in the kitchen.

Have a go!!!