Advent Calendar

Today Harrison was much more interesting in helping (hindering?) his dad decorate the living room and Alex was a little grotty from his MMR jabs yesterday so we didn’t do much child – involved activity today, although just before bedtime Harrison decided to draw a picture of a monster!
I decided I wanted to have a go at making something for them, and when I flicked through the ‘100 Christmas Things to Make and Do’ from Usborne I found the perfect thing: an advent calendar.
They both have chocolate advent calendars from my mum but I love the idea of a handmade one.

Firstly, get a piece of cardboard, & cover it in some red paper. Fold a sheet of green A4 paper in half for the tree, with longest sides together. Draw a diagonal line and then cut along it, cutting some small triangles out on the open edge to make the branches


Stick a piece of white paper across the bottom for snow and then stick the tree on


Cut out shapes (I did circles, squares & triangles) to make the doors. I included Christmas Day so needed 25 of them. I also did them various shapes and sizes. Spread some glue on one edge of the shape and stick it on to make a door.


I stuck some little bauble stickers behind each door, but you could draw pictures or stick some cut outs there. Then to finish it off, use a felt to write the numbers on the doors.

And there you have it – a homemade Advent